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Company Overview

COTTEX is a top quality supplier catering to premium menswear brands around the world servicing its clients over 15 years. We are trying to get close to all our clients with our showroom in Istanbul. COTTEX has field offices in China and Vietnam, with advanced experience and acknowledged success in sourcing and production of garment, fabrics and trims. With own office and team located in Shanghai and Ho Chi Minh to follow, manage and inspect all the production processes for its clients to cater orders on-time assuring the perfect quality. COTTEX follows up the global trends and developments and always remains globally up-to-date about the dynamics of the fashion market. Each client’s needs and expectations are serviced with customized development processes, whether they are retailer or wholesaler brands. COTTEX provides creative solutions to variety of customer demands with its extensive experience regarding research and development with the principle of highest standard production. COTTEX enables its clients to overcome challenges in production overseas by offering reliable service, best workmanship, flexibility about quantities and highly competitive price policy.

Cottex LLP

Quality Control & Assurance

Throughout its decade-long operation, COTTEX has perfected its Quality Control System. COTTEX has a QA team provides no room for error and can readily assure superior product-quality to its clients. At COTTEX, the client satisfaction is the company-satisfaction.

Cottex LLP Qualtiy

Company at a Glance

Cottex LLP Qualtiy